1- Can I go directly without a reservation?

No, we work by reservation.

2- What do you recommend me to take with me on the day of the Tour, clothes, accessories…?

We recommend comfortable clothes, which you don’t mind in case you get a bit dusty, and comfortable shoes, preferably closed if you are going to drive.

We recommend wearing sunglasses and sun protection.

3- Can I bring a child and is there a minimum age?

Of course it is! Our route is aimed at all ages. The minimum age is 3 years old or taller than 1.00m. Booster seats for children are available free of charge.

4- How long do I have to stay before the tour starts?

We recommend to be in the tent (starting point of the route) about 20/15 minutes before for the explanation of the buggy and how the route is going to be.

5- I still have doubts about who is driving…are we driving?

You decide who drives, normally when you book the activity, you or your companion can enjoy the experience of driving a buggy as long as you have a demonstrable driving licence.

6- Do I need a driving licence?

Yes, if you are going to drive the buggy you do need a driving licence.

7- Can I rent a buggy without a guide?

Not in any case. We only do guided tours.

8- What happens if the weather is not favourable?

If it rains on the day of the tour, the departure will be postponed to another day. If it is not possible to reschedule the tour, we will refund your booking fee.

9- Can I pay by credit or debit card?


10- From where does the activity start?

The tour starts from our tents.

Carretera de Artà, 31 – Puerto de Alcudia or Calle Cervantes, 16 – Ca’n Picafort.

It is always best to check where you have made your booking or you can ask us to find out which is the closest to your accommodation.

11- Are the prices of the excursions per person?

No, the price you can see on our website or in our advertising is per buggy, i.e. we have prices for the 2-seater buggy and for the 4-seater buggy.

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